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Audience Evaluation Options

By Time

By default, if the evaluation takes place on the basis of time.
The following time –related measures are available:

  • Market Share: Share of a given time slot as measured against total TV consumption, based on households or persons
  • Reach: Share of households or persons who watch a given TV program for at least thirty seconds during a given period of time
  • Total consumption in Minutes: Average consumption time of all households or persons during a given time slot for a specific or for all TV channel(s)
  • Consumption in Minutes per Viewer: Average consumption time of the viewing audience that was actually watching TV at the time in question (not including the persons of a given households who were not watching TV)

By Program

In cases where evaluation is based on the viewed programs, the attention and rating given to all programs broadcast by a given channel so indicated. We are getting program logs on daily basis from Media Monitors, the leading Program/Ad Tracking firm in Pakistan.
The following program –related measures are available:

  • Rating: Average proportion of TV household or persons who watched a given program
  • Market share: Consumed proportion of a given program, measured against total TV consumption based on households or persons
  • Average Age: Average age of the viewers of a given program
  • Usage: Clients can select ratings on the basis of people who viewed the given program for at least a specific portion of time